Android 12 Update Again?

Is anyone else getting the big 1.8gb Android 12 update again on their Pixel phones?
It hit both our Pixel 4a/5g phones this afternoon, only started it on mine though.
This is a BIG update too, not the little monthly security patch (I already had the Nov 5 security mini update).

Puts you to SP1A.211105.002.A1 (some people are saying the A1 suffix means Verizon)?
The other 4a/5g is at SP1A.211105.003 which I will not update till this is sorted out!

Another “gotcha” is the “Google Play System Update” downgrades from September 1, 2021 to August 1, 2021!
Baseband version goes from g7250-00147-210811-B-7631450 to g7250-00147-210830-B-7686829
which could be an upgrade?
I figured they could not mess with the kernel version, it remained the same, and security updates are both at November 5, 2021.
Hopefully this Verizon version did not change the bootloader on this unlocked phone to where it could not be unlocked in the future?

I got an update on my Pixel 5a yesterday (obviously not on Republic WIreless). I didn’t pay any attention to the update size. I installed it and all is well.

I got an Android update, but it was the monthly security update.

Hopefully Google will rectify this situation for the non-Verizon pixels. I have heard that some people in Europe lost 5g because of this “update”.

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