Android 8.1.0 Phone 11.0 Caller ID & Spam setting is missing

Google support Use caller ID & spam protection [] says the Android phone app has a Caller ID & spam setting. My Moto G4 Plus does not. Did Republic hide it somewhere? My Moro is running Phone 11.0 under Android 8.1.0.

Hi @johnb.ejjg2s,

Republic does not modify the Phone app, so no Republic isn’t hiding the functionality. I don’t see the referenced settings on a household Moto G6 running Android 9 Pie either. I do see them on my Pixel 2 XL.

It’s more likely Motorola modified the Phone app, which is why Google says " Note: You’re using a custom Android version. If these steps don’t work for you, check with your device manufacturer" in the help document you linked. Google now somewhat confusingly refers to versions of Android running on devices other than it’s own as “custom” in its documrntation.

Meanwhile, have you tried Republic’s spam blocking:

Thanks - I was unaware that all non-Google Android phones were “Custom”. I was also unaware that Republic had a spam blocking option & I’ve enabled it on both Mom’s & my phones. It appears that Republic is trying to combine the DNC List violators & an algorithm that detects probable spammers. As one who does not enjoy spam calls, I hope they are successful… I would just like to be able to check a box that sends all calls not in my contacts list to voicemail & respond to the valid ones. I have an app that is supposed to do that, but it works for a few weeks, then stops working for a couple of weeks, then starts working again, even tho I’ve done nothing & the version numbers of Android, Phone, & the App are unchanged. I suspect that as long as money is being made scamming people, this problem will continue. Frustrating… Thanks again

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community. I had started to research this earlier, but as usual life got in the way and you received the response from @rolandh (much better source)

  • I checked on my Moto X4 at 9.0 and find it also missing.
    • Additionally, I removed the Republic Wireless App, to ensure that it wasn’t overlaying anything Google had intended us to see/use. Then I downloaded the Beta version of the Phone App and still a no show.

For the record, I checked my Moto X4 at 9.0 and the Caller ID & Spam option is there. The Filter Spam Calls option is also available.

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My X4 at 9.0 does have this functionality… I have the android one version of the phone…so that could be a factor.

@selfruler or @amitl,
I have a Moto X4 Android One … please enlighten me, where is it?

In the phone app
:dots: -> Settings -> 2nd last option in the list “Caller ID & spam”

Thanks @amitl, that is where I have looked before & again, and have also backed off all updates to the Phone App and looked again in Safe Mode … all to no avail, so I’m at a loss to explain the difference, I will update again if I figure out what I am doing ‘wrong’ :frowning:

That is indeed strange.
My version number is 38.0.265137157

Here’s a list of my last 4 items in the settings section
Assisted dialing
Caller ID & spam
Nearby places

Mine is the same, except the missing Caller ID & spam, currently backing out of the Beta option, and per Google it may be a few hours before I can install the original and check the level

The last 4 items in the setting section of my phone are the same as yours.

My version is 39.0.272536705 It was updated last night (13 hours ago). No reference to spam issues in the “What’s new” portion of the app. The release date of the update is Oct. 3, 2019.

Update: I checked my phone yesterday afternoon and the Caller ID and Spam was present in settings even before the update last night. Also, my phone came from Amazon and is not the android one version.

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Ok, apparently the add/remove cycle of the Beta version, and subsequent update to the latest normal got me back in sync with the rest of you… now I see Caller ID & spam for the 1st time ever … thanks all for the feedback and patience :slight_smile:

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I have found an APK you may try at your own risk for Showcaller -Caller ID & Block for Motorola Moto X4
If you want it message me for it.

I strongly advise that members steer clear of downloading APKs from 3rd party sites that may be distributing malware laden APKs that have the potential to gain considerable access to the user’s private information.


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