Android and iPhone text messages

I have and Android Moto g7 Play.

I’m on the basic $15 unlimited talk and text plan.

I’ve noticed my phone recognizes when I’m sending a text message to an iPhone user and seems to make it a “Chat” vs. a traditional text message. Because of this issue, when I’m out of Wifi range (I have unlimited talk/text with no data) I can’t effectively send messages. When I get back into range of a Wifi network messages load which were sent while I was out of Wifi.

I checked in the text messages settings but I’m not sure what the difference is between SMS messages vs. MMS messages and why I can’t receive messages while out of Wifi range.

Any help would be appreciated,

Steve T.
Pittsburgh, PA

See the instructions linked below to disable RCS chat features in the Messages app. Republic Wireless does not support RCS chat features at this time.

Hi @stevet181,

Are you certain this only happens when exchanging messages with iPhone users? I ask because iPhones do not use Google’s RCS chat. Apple’s iMessage and Google’s RCS chat are similar in concept but mutually incompatible with one another. Only SMS and MMS messages may be exchanged between Androids and iPhones.

Nevertheless, @cbwahlstrom is correct about Republic not supporting google’s RCS chat, so that should be turned off as he suggested. If the experience continues after doing so, please let us know.

Thanks @rolandh. I believe it’s only with iPhone users. I’ve seen a “delivered” notice when the messages send. Additionally, I can se the typing bubbles when the recipient is typing. Not sure if this is all related, but I’ve noticed these things happening within the last few weeks.

To add to the information provided by @cbwahlstrom & @rolandh and to partially answer your remaining question
SMS and MMS are two ways to send what is commonly referred to as text messages. Generally, the difference is, that SMS* refers to text messages, while MMS refers to messages with a picture or video.

This wouldn’t be with iPhone users. That’s with other Android users that have RCS enabled on their phones. Turning off RCS as indicated earlier will both make these indicators go away and will also resolve the issue.

Thanks @louisdi I disabled the RCS feature and hope this resolves the problem. Thanks again!

Thanks @cbwahlstrom. I followed the instructions and am hoping this resloves the issue!


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