Android Auto - New Look

Attention Android Auto users (with in-car displays, not on the phone)…

Google is rolling out updates to Android Auto with an option for a new look. I first read about it a couple days ago. I’ve been regularly checking the Play Store and the update finally appeared a little while ago. The first time I launched the new version, I wasn’t given the option for the new look. But after following the advice in this article, I was able to get the new look. At quick glance it looks really nice. I’m curious to test it out further on my ride home today.

“Some people were able to activate the new interface with the latest version of Android Auto (v4.5.5928) by clearing the app cache and data, then force-closing it.”


I’ve tried that way on my device, with no change. Guess I’ll just have to wait for Google to get around to me.

Yeah, I tried it too with the old version. Then I tried downloading the APK, but it wouldn’t install. Then the version 4.5.5928 update finally appeared. Hope Google gets to you soon too!

I saw the new look yesterday when I was in the car. Unfortunately, it came with a new problem. My messages weren’t sent while I was driving. It would read me back my message, I’d tell it to sent, and then it wouldn’t do anything. It would try to send, then give up. No failure message, though.

Are you sure this problem is related to the update? It could’ve just been a temporary bug or you’re using a messaging app that doesn’t work with Android Auto. I haven’t had any issues with Textra.

I don’t know if it’s directly related to the update. I use the native Android messaging app. It’s always been a little wonky with AA, but used to send about 80% of the time. Since the update it’s failing to send 80% of the time. It just sort of eats the message.

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