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I just bought a car stereo with Andoid Auto and find that the stereo does not ‘see’ my phone attached. Its worked briefly for a few seconds but then apparently doesn’t ‘see’ that usb is connected to the phone. I was wondering if there are specific settings I should be using?? Changing cord has helped but nothing stays connected very long. Any suggestions?


Hi @davidg.r1vss4

Which phone do you have?
What kind of car / stero system do you have?
What does it do or how else can you describe what is happening? Does the screen go black and attempt to load but never gets to the Android Auto home screen? Does the phone go into the black screen mode where it thinks it is attached to a car?

I have personally found that the cord really matters. When I was test driving my current car that supports Android Auto, I found that the cords that I brought didn’t work at all. A bunch of them in fact. There was only one that actually connected.

I would personally start with a good quality (not necessarily expensive) cord.


I have a Moto G Plus and I’m using a new pioneer 4200 deck. I’m plugging in a USB cord to the USB cable that they ran from the back of the deck. With multiple tries of different chords the deck doesn’t see that there’s a USB cable connected. It works briefly for short. Of time but does not Stay connected consistently. Plugging in different phones it seems to find it but not my Moto phone. I rented a car last week a Hyundai Elantra that had autoplay also and when I plugged it into the USB port it never found my phone. I see there are many problems with using Android phones on Apple carplay but wondered if I’m doing something wrong in terms of the setting.


Hi @davidg.r1vss4,

Were you able to get this figured out?

I have no experience with car stereo systems with a USB interface, but I’m wondering if you need to pull down the notifications on the phone and select an option other than charging, much like you must do when you connect the phone to a computer.


Hi thanks for asking that’s nice of you. This is in an RV so I’m not driving it very often but it doesn’t see my phone. I rented a car and I drove it for a week and it also had Android auto and when I would plug the phone into the USB port it wouldn’t see the phone. If you go on Android auto forums they say the new update kind of its cause problems for lots of people so of course they blame the phone. I get it to work for short periods but not all the time
. It’s not really a stereo issue Android auto let you see Google Maps on the built-in screen on your stereo for when you plug in your phone it’s supposed to recognize you plug in the USB like plugging in something on your home computer so I don’t know how to remedy it but other people have this issue. I wouldn’t say it’s Republic issue but it’s an Android issue. I’ll keep trying but if you talk to someone there let me know. Thanks for your interest and help


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