Android Auto works with Moto G7


A few weeks ago, I posted ticket about Moto Z Play not connecting to Android Auto (for new car). Well, since then, we purchased a new Moto G7 from Republic, and can tell you that the Moto G7 does indeed connect normally to Android Auto. Dunno if it’s the newer hardware, or the latest OS (Oreo vs. Pie) that caused it to work, but happy with decision to buy the G7.

Thanks to the Republic Team for answering my questions.


Thanks for coming back and letting us know. It’s really strange, but if you look at the Android Auto subreddit, not surprising. Phones like the very recent LG G7 didn’t work when first released, then an update to the Google App made it work again and then another update broke it again. Google has tons of problems with getting compatibility right across phones and car manufacturers.