Android Clock Timer alarms as soon as screen saver activates

I have 3 ALARMS running to warn of time to take meds but I also use the TIMER function for bread baking. For some reason, starting today, everytime the screen saver kicks in OR if I minimize the Clock app the TIMER alarms. Deleting the TIMER stops this and my 3 other ALARMS still work fine but I now cannot use the timer. Moto G7 Power and 2 days ago there was a Motorola “update”.

Hi @craigw.vkuxs3,

Try going into the phone settings and apps, then look for the clock app and clear its cache and data (basically resetting the app). You will have to recreate the 3 alarms but I’m hoping it fixes the timer for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you my friend. That worked immediately. Entering in the other alarms was only a 1 minute task.


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