Android doze function changed?

In the last week we started having problems with calls not ringing and going directly to voicemail again. This happens every year or so it seems, where something goes screwy with the Republic VOIP connection. I have done a lot of troubleshooting in the past and am uninterested in going through it again; I simply want to report the information that I think something has changed with Android’s Doze, as untouched phones don’t ring through and even texts don’t get received until the phone is picked up and woken back up again. No, the excellent MacroDroid Doze solution is not an option, as our phones need to have lock screens turned on for reasons. I’d actually be interested in an Extended Home to solve this problem but I understand it’s not available as of the acquisition announcement from Dish (I assume because it competes with some product they already have like home phone service).

If anyone is keeping track of it add this as a data point. WiFi service, no issues with connectivity, ZERO cell on site for failover, intermittent incoming calls going straight to voicemail, seems to be doze related.

Thank you.

Doze is a sore point with me. Even with macrodroid (which should not be necessary, IMO), I still don’t think it works well for me all the time. Note that I’m 100% wifi at home, so doze is a real concern.

I’d pay real money to have an option to disable it!

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