Android Messages and an iPad

I would like to setup Android messages as my default text messaging app, but when at home I prefer using my iPad. When I setup the web side of Android Messages on my iPad, and save a bookmark of it on my iPad home screen I find that I don’t get any notifications of incoming texts on my iPad. How can I get notifications?

Hi @judithh.reomu0 and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid what you ask is currently not possible. This is “expected” behavior. Safari on iOS does not support Web Push Notifications though Safari on macOS does. Bookmarking the Messages for Web page on your iPad doesn’t change this as that bookmark still uses Safari.

Apple is said to be working on adding Web Push notifications to Safari for iOS but has, as of yet, not done so.

You could use the Republic Anywhere iOS app. It has its quirks but does receive notifications.


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