Android Nougat Now Available for Nexus Phones


We’re happy to announce that we’re now supporting Android Nougat (v. 7.0) for Nexus 5X by LG and Nexus 6P by Huawei! If you currently have either of these phones, when you install the Nougat upgrade it will now work with Republic. If you purchase these phones somewhere else, you’ll now be able to activate them with us as well when running Nougat.

In our testing, we discovered a couple of minor issues that will be fixed with the next release of the Republic Wireless app, which we’re currently working on. Please see below for more info on these two issues:

  1. Data Saver Feature Blocks the Republic Wireless App.
    If this feature is turned on and our app isn’t whitelisted, calls and messages will be degraded and/or non-functional. You can either whitelist our app manually or you can wait until we release the next version of our app, when we’ll send you a notification to easily whitelist our app from Data Saver. To whitelist our app manually now, tap Apps → Settings → Data usage → Data saver → Unrestricted data access → scroll to Republic Wireless and tap to enable the switch.

  2. App Usage Details in the Republic Wireless App.
    Nougat users will see individual app usage as "0” when looking at the app usage counters with the Republic app’s cell data report. When we release the next version of the Republic Wireless app, you’ll instead be taken to the native Android data usage in Settings when tapping on individual app data.
    Note: This issue can also occur if you’re on Android Marshmallow and you’ve installed the April or newer Android M Security Patch.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to be able to support a new operating system at the same time as when the manufacturer (or Google in this case) releases it. As more manufacturers for Republic phones make Android Nougat available, we’ll announce here when we’ll begin to support them.

Please let us know your questions and comments here.

Thanks for reading!


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