Android or Google pay


I have a !oto G6 play, running Android 8.0 on RW 4.0. Can I use Android or Google or Visa pay? If so, can you direct me to a site for instructions.


I’m afraid not. The “G” series does not include NFC hardware which is needed by the “Pay” apps.


Android Pay requires NFC for tap and pay and Motorola has only had NFC on the flagship class Moto X and Moto Z lines


Although you cannot use the traditional idea of Google Pay where you tap a phone to pay at a store, you can still set up your account for Google Pay or Visa Checkout purchases online and in apps that support it.

For example I use Google pay within Dunkin Donuts to reload my rewards / gift card. Other websites allow for simplified checkout (similar to paypal) via Google or Visa.


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