Android Oreo for Moto 5 plus


When will we be getting Oreo? The 8.1 update came out today. If it is available how do I get it?


Hi @bruceg.vxeloh,

Entirely up to Motorola. Please see here: Where's My Android Update? Understanding the Update Process.


I asked Motorola and they said it is dependent on service partners. I guess I will just patiently wait for all parties involved to get the updates distributed.


Blame shifting stinks doesn’t it? Think about this though… The phone you have is unlocked. You could be using it with AT&T or Sprint or a carrier in China. Does it make sense that the specific piece of hardware in your hand would get updates differently because you happen to have it with you in China? It’s not a carrier specific device, so Republic doesn’t get involved in the update just like that carrier in China wouldn’t.


Apparently Moto doesn’t consider RW a service partner for that purpose since they don’t own the network.

Updates still appear to be network dependent despite what RW has preached.

Moto X Pure updates were released to those at RW first on the Sprint network. A month or two later those on T-Moble networks received them.


It’s not so much what Republic preaches as opposed to Motorola. Pure is Motorola’s designation for what was marketed by Motorola as a carrier agnostic phone.