Android Oreo Upgrade Observation


I received the RW app upgrade and Google came out with a couple of patches for Oreo, so I went ahead and upgraded my Pixel phone. Everything works just fine, both RW calling and messaging, and also the new features and changes to android.

I am, however, noticing a little cell data usage even when I am solidly connected to WiFi. It appears to be about one Meg per day. Before Oreo, I was definitely using less cell data. It’s not a lot, but it is measurable.


Does Republic charge data for MMS (picture messages)? If so have you sent or received more MMS messages lately?

Also have you checked the republic app to see what apps are using the most data?


If the Cell usage appears to be occurring when you are attached to WiFi you may want to gather a bit more info and report it to RW via a Ticket. Check which app is using the data and how much and cross check in both the RW App and the Android Settings/Data Usage


Data used for MMS does not count against purchased data.


Hi, 133tlinux: I don’t really use MMS. The Pixel takes great pictures, but I haven’t taken any since I upgraded.


Good to know! Thanks for the reply.


Hi, jben: 44% of the cell data usage is “Google Services Framework”, the rest is just 5 or 10 percent here and there. From what I read, additional cell data usage is being observed by many Oreo users, it sounds to me like not a RW issue. Perhaps Google will fix it at some point or perhaps it is a feature.

I just thought I should post my experience with the product; I use such a small amount of data that this leakage is not important to me.


You may be able to reduce the amount of data Google Services Framework is using by accessing your Google account > Personal info & privacy and disabling some of the services/telemetry Google collects. If Android is using more data since the update, it may well be because Google is collecting more user data. This is pure speculation and there may be other causes for the increase in data usage. But, new telemetry is one possibility. Ok, I’m taking off my tinfoil Google hat and going to bed now.


Sometimes the phone will consume more cell data right after a big OS update. Some apps may also revert to default unrestricted background data.

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