Android Oreo when to update


I am changing phones to an unlocked pixel from Verizon. It is currently running Android 7.1.2. The phone is unlocked and has been “factory data reset from the settings menu”. I have moved data from my Republic Moto G via cable between the phones and installed the SIM card, but I have not installed the republic app.
I am in no immediate hurry but wish to start problem free. I want to upgrade to Oreo. Should I do this before installing the republic app? Should I start it now on republic with Android 7.1.2 and wait until republic makes Oreo available.
I got the Pixel because I did not want to wait for a cell company update and thought I could get the OS updates directly from Google.
Please advise.


Hi @willow!

I would install the Republic app and wait for Republic to give the “green light”. Republic does testing with the update prior to pushing it to ensure a seamless transition. If you installed it now, it’s possible it may not work correctly.



Thanks for the quick reply. Any idea on the approximate time frame for the “green light” on Oreo?


Hi mbx2x
I have just down loaded the the RW app on my nexus 5x an its
now on Oreo says phone approved order sim. I am iust waiteing for my sims be here the 5th. Have 2 ea. to port over
to RW


It should come pretty quicklly and a number of customers have updated their active phones with issues, but others have had various issues, the most common I’ve seen related to text messages not being properly received when off wifi.


As stated by @louisdi, it should come pretty soon. Republic is pretty fast with this kind of stuff as long as their isn’t a major bug.


I’ve been on Oreo on my Nexus 6P for several days now and everything seems to be working fine.


I do not believe Republic’s 3.0 app has been updated to work with Oreo yet. Generally, this doesn’t cause a problem with a previously activated Republic SIM but it may if one is activating a fresh SIM in a phone with Oreo already installed.

The only issue I’ve seen reported in Community regarding day-to-day use of a phone upgraded to Oreo is the inability to receive text messages unless one has a data plan for Internet access. Please see here: Unable to Send Text and Picture Messages over Cellular – Republic Help.


I Think they have done some work on there APP because as of last Tuesday
my Nexus 5x when i down loaded RW app said the phone was not supported. But Thursday it came up an is supported,an order sims The nexus is on FI an running Oreo


I’m confident an app update is being worked on. An app update isn’t required to add a supported build whether that be Oreo or something small like an SMR. Regarding the issue with messaging using Oreo, it’s a Republic support doc I linked to.


Well there is a lot of stuff that has to be done .So the carrier
testing an OK had to come from some where be fore they would let you BYOP.


I’m not saying it won’t activate. I am saying Republic hasn’t announced full support for Oreo yet and there is a documented issue. Republic certainly won’t be shy about making an announcement when ready.


OK .May hold off for awhile with BYOP an see what happens,
Or may try 1 phone. I have 2 on FI both Nexus5X ,s .
1 on Oreo. The other on N 7.1.2 An My Moto5G+ RW which is
a great phone Love it. Thank you for your info an help



Android 8 update came in on my Pixel this Saturday. I installed and everything looks to be working great. Waiting for the update to republic’s app, but service is working just fine for me.


Thanks for the info I just got on line. Crappy day. today.


There are reports that Oreo is using cell data even when on WiFi:

I think I’ll wait until Google releases the first Oreo patch. It seems there are always a few problems with a .0 software release.


I saw that, too. Do we know if that’s something that the 3.15 Republic app update addresses?


Since the problem is being reported by phones on other carriers, my guess is that the problem is in Android itself, not the phone app, thus the fix will likely come from Google, not RW. But, you never know, the RW magicians might program the problem right out with their app.


Has the latest update from republic wireless given the “green light” for Oreo?