Android OS using more cell data in the background MotoX1 ( XT 1049 )

MotoX1 ( XT 1049 )
I don’t enable cellular data in my plan but I just looked at my data usage and it shows that it’s enabled and that I’ve used data. like wth

data usage for Android OS

Nov 3, 2019 to dec 3, 2019 253 kb in background
dec 3 2019 - JAn 2, 2020 9.34MB in background
feb 3 2020 - mar2 2020 19.54mb in background

no data in foreground all that time. Is ‘foreground’ my data usage (zero because it’s not in my plan) and ‘background’ is the phone managing it’s operation by sending/receiving data over the network ?

For some reason my Android OS is using an ever-increasing amount of data in the background. I can imagine it might be updating the OS in the background but why is that increasing so dramatically over the time period and why was it not doing this before?

Republic Wireless and Republic Telephony are showing the same data usage pattern, at a lower level.

There is an option to ‘disable background data on cellular networks’ which is toggled ‘off’ by default.

What is this background data and why is it increasing ?

It appears that the phone has to use a minimum amount of data to provide cell text/voice service and I’m not charged for that because it’s ‘overhead’ so to speak in providing my cell service. but what is the data in the background and why is it increasing ?

And is ‘background data’ going to significantly impact battery life ? If so can I disable the background data ?

In a all cases the amount of data you’re talking about is miniscule. To put it in perspective, if it were data you were paying for it would have been $0, $0.05 and $0.10.

I think it is a bit early to predict “ever increasing” and 19.54mb of data usage can’t really be described as dramatic. It is a bit like asking why a car that was standing still and is now doing 1mph is suddenly going so fast. These amounts are so tiny that there’s basically no saying what might have been the user. The simple answer though is that it is ENTIRELY normal.

Background data is data that is used when a user isn’t actively using the feature using the data. For instance with your email app background data would be the data used when your email syncs while the phone is in your pocket.

Background data is a normal part of owning a smartphone. And again, the amounts that you’ve listed are so miniscule that they could quite literally equal milliseconds of activity. There is no impact on your battery life.

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cool, thanks for explaining


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