Android OTA update 7.1.1 broke my Nexus 5x

Ever since the update, I can’t get cell service at all anymore. As such, I can only use my phone (calling / texting / data) when connected to wifi.

This is particularly troublesome as Im paying for 1GB of data, that can no longer use. I also can’t make / receive calls or text, or navigate, on the go.

Has this happened to anyone else?

There is fix for this specific to the Nexus in the troubleshooting section of this document:

Make and Receive a Phone Call

I am having the same issue. “SERVICE PROGRAM” used 601MB of data in one day after upgrade to Android 7.1.1. Now no data left for the month.

You are not having the same problem the OP describes since you cannot use cell data if you cannot connect to cell.

Is your phone connected to WiFi?

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