Android P Beta (DP2)

My Pixel 2 XL is eligible for the new developer preview and I was curious if I would have any issues with operations of my phone on Republics end. I realize that they may not be able to assist me with any issues but would my phone still be able to use the basic calling and texting services of Republic. I have used beta software in the past with Oreo but I was curious about P.

The only issue would be with the Republic app, and I’ve not seen or read anything that suggests compatibility issues. Speculating, I suppose it’s possible that you could encounter a glitch of some kind. But, I doubt there are any significant compatibility issues. The recent Republic app update has probably been tested with P.

Perhaps an RW Ambassador will have more insight.

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Hi @alecm.1qozle,

Since it’s not a supported build, the app may seemingly spontaneously present a “not supported” screen that would then prevent you from using the service.

This seeming spontaneity is usually triggered by a SIM card “Activation” event, like removing and reseating the SIM card or refreshing the Republic credentials, though that is not an exhaustive list.

It’s also likely that any account-management from the app, like buying data or changing plans would fail on an unsupported build.


Good to know. My nephew has a Pixel 2 XL. I can relay this info to him.

A Developer Preview is just that…for Developers.
It is not for use by normal users on their primary device., as it is incomplete,unstable, and full of bugs.
These builds are explitialy for App developers to test and update their own apps for stability and compatibility so that they are ready when the new version of the OS goes public.

It also requires a unlocked bootloader and a factory image flash. (so I have read).
Wait until the normal public user Beta that u can opt in and out of easy.

Even then, RW can not support pre-release software and it is most likely will result in the App saying “Not a Supported Device”.

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