Android P developer build and RW app version


Just so everyone knows… The Republic app version is working on Android P version 3 (current version).

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Republic Wireless App Update: Version

Hi @l33tlinuxh4x0r,

“Works on” and “supported” are two very different things. We do not support Android P. While you have not yet encountered any issues, when you do, we will not be able to offer support to resolve the issue.

Information About Android P Developer Preview

We’ll have to agree to disagree. Is it a bug that iOS won’t run on my Samsung phone? Or that the Nav software in my Honda won’t run on a Toyota nav system? Or that the Nav software from a 2012 Honda Accord doesn’t run on a 2018 Accord? Bugs are unintended issues in a situation where something is supposed to work. The Republic App isn’t made for P, it isn’t supposed to work, that’s not a bug. From my perspective the bug is that Republic isn’t properly blocking it from installing and loading on P.


I agree to disagree but for the record your examples are not valid. They are hardware changes which I did not make. I made a software change. More like a windows update or an upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10. Republic already has a select list of supported hardware. Software should not matter as long as it is the same OS regardless of the version. And before you respond… I know that some OS updates break things however it looks like Republic already found and fixed these issues.


As I said, agree to disagree.


But it is not at all the same OS under the hood. like 7.0 and 8.1 are VERY different. So is 8.1 and P.
The only available version of P is for developers, not for consumers to beta test.
The way R.W.s bonded calling works is very much part of how the app interacts with the OS.
Infact, on some phones, the OS has to be an exact build version inorder to even work with R.W.
OEMs can often change something that thus causes an issue with how R.W. works.
And, thanks to Android’s fragmentation problem, there are several OEMS and several versions of the OS they have to jumble support for. (Unlike Apple, who just has 2 main model phones and all have the same OS.)

A user, would have no idea how running unsupported software could affect R.W.s services on the back end. (I once used a WIP custom rom on my phone on a another pre-paid carrier and was notified that my phone was “packet flooding the network” and they cut my service off, even cited a fine if I tried to reactivate.)

Sure, go ahead and use R.W. on a phone with P on it, but you have been put on notice, it is not supported, you will get no support, and it is against TOS, so should they decided to cancel your service, they have every right to.


I agree with all of the above except it being against the terms of service. Where does it say this?

I just read the Terms and conditions as well as doing a search and couldn’t find anything saying that I couldn’t use android betas.


mmmm…Ur right, they do not explicitly state in theirTOS or Acceptable Use Policy | Republic Wireless that they do not allows users to run beta or custom roms even.

However, from what I have seen posted by others Experts and and Ambassadors, I believe such things would fall under this section of not to use things that may harm or interfere with the network, OR to modify the software on the device…and beta and custom roms may have the chance of doing that.

{As far as custom roms, there is infact a stipulation about “modifying software”. Utilize any Mobile Device(s) in a manner inconsistent with normal consumer usage, including, without limitation, any disassembly or modification of any Mobile Device(s) or any cabling of any Mobile Device(s) to any unaffiliated location; (v) modify any software included in any Mobile Device(s); ... }
But the official beta software that the OEM puts out would not be you “Modifying” the software on the device…so I dont think this line would apply to this senerio of using a OEM beta software.

I now would like to seek clarification from R.W. on this topic. Perhaps @southpaw know who can clarify exactly.


Here’s the deal. Utilizing a custom build or a pre-release isn’t specifically prohibited. However, if that customer build or pre-release causes the phone to utlize the network in an improper manner (the common scenario is that the carrier network gets used instead of the Republic infrastructure) then this is covered under the general abuse sections of the TOS.


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

I previously stated:

We regularly see examples of issues from phones on developer builds and foreign builds. It is only a matter of time before @l33tlinuxh4x0r sees an issue.

As far as the Terms and Conditions go, this clause covers unsupported builds, because their use can impact our service:

15. Termination by Republic Wireless. In addition to any other right that Republic Wireless may have to limit, terminate or suspend these Terms of Service, if Republic Wireless determines, in its sole discretion, that Your ongoing use of the Republic Wireless Services and/or the specific method or technology utilized by You place the network operated by Republic Wireless, other community members, partners or the overall business(es) of each in jeopardy, Republic Wireless reserves the right to terminate these Terms of Service and Your access to the Republic Wireless Services immediately and without notification.

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You said earlier “When you do” and now have said that “it is only a matter of time” before I see an issue. Is there a known issue or are you just trying to scare people off from using the Android Betas?


Since you are on the 3 beta load I would not be
worried about it . I had a nexus byod on RW and had beta test on oreo 8.1.0 until its release. I had
no trouble at all.When they get the final release,
an out of beta. RW will say ok now they are ready to go.
If you have trouble with there app just go back an get out of the beta group,


I’m not into scaremongering.

There is no single, identified “known issue” related to the Android P developers’ build. There are features that may fail because we do not yet support Android P and have not yet built the service to work with the newest standards. Some functions of our service are blocked when an unsupported build is identified.

I’m not trying to scare you into taking any particular action, however it would be irresponsible of me not to clarify your statement that a developer’s build of Android P works.


OK, thanks for clarifying.