Android Pay without cell data?

Does Android Pay work properly using the RW $15/month 3.0 plan, which does not include any cell data?

Hi @nicholasb.fxfbne!

I am on the $10 plan (with my legacy Moto X2), and I have used Android Pay a couple times without a problem! If your phone has NFC, it should work fine. From what I understand, Android Pay downloads a limited number of “tokens” while on Wi-Fi and stores them. If you were to do a bunch of transactions and not connect to Wi-Fi in between, it may not work for all of them, but it should be fine with a normal amount of use. Hope that helps!


It does help – my phone (Nexus 5x) has NFC, but there is no WiFi in the stores, but it sound like it is not required at the store, as long as I connect to WiFi beforehand to create tokens.

Correct! It should work just fine .

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