Android pi wifi sleep issues?

I’m considering an s10 upgrade from my s7. Does anyone know if there is still an issue with WiFi sleeping? This has been very frustrating,( missing calls etc). I’ve tried all the work arounds, with no success. Is there a way to turn off the sleep mode on an s10?

I don’t see that any changes were made that would prevent the Android Doze from turning off the WiFi (to save battery) in any releases. Reference
This problem seems to vary, based on the phone, the cell signal level etc.
You may want to take a look at the MacroDroid ‘solution’ outlined in this Tips & Tricks


Hi @scotto,

I live in an area with no coverage from one of our carrier partners, and our developers recently had me bring home a phone on Android Pie to see what the experience would be. Like you, I missed calls and could find no way to disable Doze mode to prevent that from happening.

The Macrodroid option to wake the phone whenever there is a Republic notification did work, though.

I’m wondering though, if you’ve ever had our staff evaluate your coverage to see if a different SIM card would help. If the phone goes into Doze mode and disables Wi-Fi, we would expect you to still get your calls if you had good cellular coverage. Does your phone shows that it has “bars” of service where you are experiencing this problem?


Yes, I have 5 bars. However I’m on the gsm partner and I am aware that service is tougher indoors. I tried the mcdroid work around. But must have done it wrong, because it won’t work for me. Thanks for your replies.

I just updated the the Managing Doze Mode - when calls come in on cell, go to voicemail or missed and phone is sleeping with the following request (it may have been written rotten or a step left out)

Note: If this doesn’t work for you, it would be helpful if you could provide some feedback, either as a Comment or DM to me @jBen

  • Which Phone & OS level
  • Your description of the problem encountered.
  • Screenshot of the last couple pages of User Logs
    • Logs are accessible from the MacroDroid App / :menu: Menu (top left) / User Logs

Hi @scotto,

I’ve been using my Moto X4 Android One version running Pie for about six weeks now and haven’t encountered any of the Doze issues. I will keep a close eye on it because I’ve read that Android may have a learning curve and could decide to impose Doze. @jben may have a valid point about it depending upon the phone, I’ve only noticed issues with my Moto X Pure and had no known issues with an X4.

Hi @jben,

@billg was the first to start a topic on this and the coincidental linking to his poor cell service. Most members who encounter the missed calls going to VM as a result of the Doze issue have satisfactory cell service. If the phone and RW app were working properly together the phone would ring normally, not immediately go to voicemail, we’d get a missed call notification and number would show up in the recent calls list. Quality of cell service doesn’t fit into the equation and should be taken out of the discussion.

Hi @southpaw,

I’ve had serious ongoing issues with missed calls going to VM with my X Pure when the cell signal was fine. It got to the point where I was having to toggle my WiFi off/on to get the RW app to revert back to WiFi. Apparently the RW app wasn’t waking up after phone was unlocked. I was about ready to bail from RW because of the lax attitude towards such a serious problem. RW doesn’t seem to have been listening to members and needs to do some more research to resolve this ongoing problem. Tried @jben’s macros with limited temporary success. I made several macros that seemed to have potential but would need more testing. I decided to upgrade my phone and thankfully not dealing with the issue at this time.


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

I’ve reviewed your ticket history and cannot find any tickets about a Moto X Pure. The one ticket I found that seemed to be similar to what you’re describing - calls going straight to Voicemail, on a different phone, went through extensive troubleshooting and you reported the issue resolved.

I’m not understanding why you think Republic doesn’t take such issues seriously.


Updated 4/10/2019

This discussion has been ‘trimmed’ to just contain the original and latest iteration of the available fix. It is readily admitted that this does not ‘fix’ all the problems that users may encounter when the WiFi is disabled by Doze (an Android function), but it has been a help to some

Hi @southpaw,

I wasn’t suggesting any other “such” or multiple other issues in general aren’t taken seriously. I usually come to the community for troubleshooting or to get better understanding of what’s going on with my phones prior to using support. In the case of this problem that surfaced almost two years ago why open a ticket if there is no known fix? Are their specific phone models that are likely to encounter the Doze problem? Are there solutions that Support can offer that members may not know about?

This issue in particular seems to have not been addressed very well by the employees of RW. This is a problem that not only breaks RW’s WiFi model but makes the RW cell end of service unreliable for those affected.

Is there still a Republic “Power Saving Mode” Notification in the RW app?


Hi @PlaneTherapist

From what we’re seeing, Android Pi is currently more aggressive about dozing than previous Android versions, partially because our developers did some work in the Republic app to address the issue on some earlier builds.

That’s a reasonable question, though at times a ticket helps us surface issues to our developers and track the impact.

My confusion, though was in your assessment that Republic isn’t taking this seriously, and how you came to that conclusion. I reviewed your ticket history to see if you had raised the issue there and had been brushed aside, but could find no examples to suggest that had happened.

It’s not an easy issue to tackle, but work continues. In fact, since my home, now dubbed Chateau Faraday, is located in a cellular coverage black hole, I’ve been sent home with various phones for testing. The results of my tests, including device logs have been reviewed by our developers and the phones’ manufacturers so they can look for a solution. That there’s not a solution yet does not mean the issue is not being taken seriously.

I’m not able to test that as I’m writing, and I was afraid if I didn’t answer you tonight, your reply would slip off my radar. Perhaps someone who is seeing the issue regularly can chime in with the answer to that question.

Hi @southpaw,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply and the additional information about what RW is doing to resolve the issue.

Part of my concern is RW continuing to infer the problem is caused by less than adequate cell coverage which to me sounds like more of an excuse. I can assure you in my case when cell service is available the calls still go to VM, there is no missed call notification and the number doesn’t show up on the recent calls list. Disabling WiFi to ensure calls come through and then having to enable it for outbound calls or data use is not a user friendly option.

I’m glad to hear you were sent home with some phones for further analysis and appreciate the work @billg & @jben have done. Hopefully with this attention an app change or a workaround will eventually be found.

If RW could use a member volunteer to do some additional testing I’d be glad to do so if you provided an extra line or two of temporary service. My current spare phones include a MXP that’s known to encounter the issue, G4 and G4 Play.


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