Android Pie Download shows available on the Moto Z3 Play

Just checked, and the PPW29.183-29-1 update was available for my Moto Z3 Play.
It said it included 4/1/2019 Security Updates.

It takes about 40 minutes to install it.

After install under SIM Status it showed:
“Emergency Calls Only”

I went into the R.W. app and clicked on the gear icon, then advanced, then “Reset Republic Connections” and it changed the SIM Status to “Republic”.

I then ran the Diagnostics Test under the Republic App and it failed one diagnostic:
HTTP Connect for 204
Failed to connect to the test server over HTTP(S), Please check your network.

I then turned off WIFI and tried to see if I could make a CELL call, but it says no access to cell data.
I guess I need to find those magical codes to enter into the dialer to re-animate it on the GSM partner.
##8647## was not allowed in the dialer for some reason, maybe it is the wrong code for GSM?
I did see a reference to STAR#STAR#8647#STAR#STAR but I just decided to uninstall/re-install the R.W. App.
I tried to uninstall the R.W. app, but it would not let me, so I disabled it, then uninstalled the updates, then reinstalled the updates. I was then able to make a call over cell.
Still have the “HTTP Connect for 204” error though under diagnostics.
I also cannot seem to add my own personalized greeting for voicemail (have to leave it at default).
This may have something to do with permissions, but the R.W. app version has access to everything except contacts.


That seems to be the norm on my X4. I believe I read a recent topic on the issue and they were told not to worry about it if the phone is working.


It seems to be working for now, so I’ll ignore it, thanks for the help!

Looks like my Moto Z3 Play just got the July 1, 2019 security updates.
Gets you to PPWS29.183-29-1-2, installed pretty quick, so must not have been much of an update.

My Moto Z3 Play is still on Android 9 version PPWS29.183-29-1-9 Security Patch Level: November 1, 2019.
My spouse’s Moto X4 just got the February 2020 security updates this a.m. for Android 9.
Hopefully the Z3 Play will still get Android 10?
Maybe that is the holdup on security updates, because they are just focusing on getting Android 10 out?

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