Android updates to BYO Phones

If we bring our own phones to Republic, can we expect to get Android updates from Republic Wireless?

and also what is the OS upgrade policy from Republic in terms of how long/often will the phones be supported (e.g. two major OS updates? years?)

previously it was noted that the speed of Android was limited to testing by Republic and the carrier. It seems that there are a lot more phones supported now, will the OS updates be slowed down as a result of having more phones?

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3.0 phones Including BYOD phones are all Stocked US Regional Factory Unlocked will be updated by the OEM at the OEM schedule (Republic is out of the loop and there no ROM change)

for how long will a phone see updates it will depend on the OEM

from personal observation

Motorola has supported Flagships for 2 years (to major OS updates) and the budget phones are supported for 1 to 2 years (1 or 2 major updates)

Google nexus and Pixels see multiple updates and are supported for 3 to 4 years

Samsung Flagships see the 2 years and budget phones about a year

Any idea why my Galaxy S7 edge hasn’t received the update? It’s an SMG935U and reports all over the internet are that unlocked S7 edges have gotten the update, alas, no such luck for me.

Have you asked Samsung?

Not yet, I wanted to double check that republic wasn’t involved. Probably will soon.

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form the looks of it the roll-out started last week but as with any mass update it may take a few weeks for all to have access to the update

it wouldn’t hurt to ask Samsung when it expects the roll-out to be done

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