Annoying Notification (probably Bluetooth)

My MotoX 2nd gen has suddenly started to give me an quick two note audio notification every minute or so.

The issue seems to be Bluetooth related as when the notification sounds a Bluetooth icon appears for about 1/2 second in the upper left hand corner. If I turn off BlueTooth the notification stops. But any time I have BlueTooth on, I get this audio notification every minute or so but it is so quick I cannot see what app is the problem or what is wrong.

If I have the BlueTooth menu open ( Settings > BlueTooth) the audio notification stops but there is a very quick (1/2 second) flash on my screen like it is trying to connect with something. There are two devices listed under “Available Devices” that must be my neighbor’s. So I am thinking the phone is trying to pair with those.

How do I keep my BlueTooth on, but stop the phone from trying to connect to other devices every minute or so and giving me this annoying notification?

Answered in your other post. Susan, you should only post your issue once and continue on that thread. Multiple postings are unnecessary and don’t benefit other users who may read your post in search of answers to their own issues of a similar nature.

If you need further help with your bluetooth notification issues, please continue on the original post. Thanks!

For continuity, BlueTooth Trying to Connect to Unwanted Devices

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