Annoying Xfinity pop-up

I have a Moto X first generation. I use Google maps as my GPS. Even with wifi turned off, my phone alerts me to very Xfinity wifi connection that I pass as I’m driving. Sometimes, the pop-up disappears and reverts back to the Google maps page I was using, but quite often it doesn’t. That means I have to hit the back arrow while I’m driving to get back to the map, which is not a safe thing to do. Is there any way to stop this? Thanks!

In the Republic Wireless app settings turn off the open wifi network notifications.


Thanks! I didn’t know about that setting.

You can try driveFi which was developed by @bitflung, a republic wireless member and ambassador. It is available in the play store. It has been available since 2013, but I just started using it myself in the last couple weeks since I am now a Xfinity user and use their and their partners WiFi in many places. They also have started using any of their routers that any customers use, as WiFi hotspots, so if you do not forget these in your WiFi settings or turn WiFi off, it is impossible to drive through a residential area without constantly connect/disconnect. Or for me, more bothersome when riding as a passenger and wanting to use cell data. There is more information in this link DriveFi is now available the Google Play Store and updates. DriveFi has been working great for me for my purpose.

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Thanks for that. Since I am not an Xfinity customer I don’t think this will be useful.

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It will still be useful to you if the issue you are having continues. I apologize that I indicated DriveFi was only useful for me since I am a Xfinity customer. It is not just for customers of certain internet providers like Xfinity. Most of us republic wireless members make great use of many open WiFi hotspots, and they will then reconnect whenever we reenter their vicinity. If turning off open WiFi is not consistent enough for you, it may be worth a try.


Try this:

First, go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Wi-Fi > if you see Xfinity listed here, tap it, and then tap “forget.”

Next, make sure that you have the following checked:

Open Republic app
Tap the Settings tab (the gear)
Tap Wi-Fi settings
Check "Ask me to join Wi-Fi networks”

Then, the next time you are presented with the Xfinity “tap to connect” screen, tap the 3 stacked dots in the upper right corner. Then, tap “Always” to ignore the network permanently.

You should no longer be presented with the Xfinity option.

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