Annual Payment Option, Now With Auto-Renew

When Republic Wireless launched our Annual Payment Option in May, 2019 many of our My Choice members eagerly signed up for the option to pay for twelve months at once, for a discounted price.

At that time, we told members that at the end of the annual term, billing would revert to the original monthly payment process. As the first members to sign up for the Annual Payment Option begin to think about renewing it for another year, they’ve asked for an easier way to renew.

Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made it easier to renew your Annual Payment with Auto-Renew.

What Has Changed

For Members Newly Selecting the Annual Payment Option

Beginning today, anyone who newly subscribes for the Annual Payment Option will have Auto-Renew enabled. You can opt out of Auto-Renew any time after the Annual Payment has been billed, and before the annual term ends in the “Manage My Payment” section of the Account Portal.

For Members Who Selected the Annual Payment Option Prior to 3/16/20

For those who are already enjoying the Annual Payment option, if you take no action, then at the end of your annual term, billing will revert to the original monthly payment process. However, if you’d prefer to automatically renew your Annual Payment, you now have the option to check the checkbox and opt in to annual payment any time between when you are billed for the Annual Payment and the end of the annual term.


Will the renewal still be at the discounted price of 12 mos for the cost of 10?

It will indeed.


I’d like SOUTHPAW to reply to this question:
Will the auto-renewal still be at the discounted price of 12 mos for the cost of 10?

Hi @jamesh.0cjmak,

I fully appreciate you would like southpaw to answer the question and given the tireless effort she puts in here, no doubt she will as soon as she’s able to.

Meanwhile, perhaps, what Republic documents here will help:

For now, due to the COVID-19 situation, it would be 12 months for the cost of 9. According to the Help Center article, there is no timeline for reversion to the standard pricing of 12 months for the cost of 10.

As I read the article, the price is whatever the price is at renewal. Opting into auto-renew doesn’t guarantee the price when one does so will be the price at renewal.


These are community forums. Southpaw answers questions generally when they require an answer from staff or because no one else has been available. If you require an answer from staff you should open a ticket as there’s no guarantee that she’ll be able to answer here. That said the answer to your question is well documented and there’s no staff interaction required. @rolandh even provides the link to the official documentation.


got it - thanks.


Hi @jamesh.0cjmak,

I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Typically if a question can be answered by our Community members, it’s not necessary for me to chime in.

I do want to clarify something, though.

The auto-renew will be at the annual payment price at the time of renewal.

I don’t say that to be dodgy. We don’t currently have any plan to change the price of the annual payment option from our normal 2-month discount rate. This discount is sustainable for our service and it seems to be a good fit as far as providing fair value to the members in exchange for a one-year commitment.

However, it’s impossible to know what the future holds. For example, when you asked your question, we did not know that we would be offering a limited-time, extra discount to help members impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If your renewal date were today, you could renew at the 12-for-9 rate.

Three, or four, or six, or ten years from now, we may need to adjust the pricing of the annual payment option. I don’t think it would be wise to make a blanket statement that the auto-renew will always be at the 12-for-10 discounted price.

However, I also don’t want you to think that we’ll be pulling shenanigans to try to sneak a higher price in on you next year. If we were to change the annual payment price, we would notify members currently enrolled. It’s important to make sure that the E-mail address we have on file is an E-mail address you actually monitor and that you do take a look at the E-mails we send.


Thanks Southpaw

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I want to add a GB or more of data to my yearly plan as I do my auto renewal. I was disappointed there was no option to do that. It appears that there is no way to add or subtract data to your plan, as you auto renew.
I used the “ask a community member for help” option and discovered that to get another GB of data, I would have to uncheck auto renew (as I had already chosen that option), then wait until 7/14, (as my renewal date is 7/15). Then I can add the data to my plan and pay for a month at regular price. THEN, go BACK in and sign up again for the yearly plan with the discount and sign up for auto renewal.
Well, this is just a big pain in my behind!
I would like to ask that RW set up the auto renewal process so that when you check that auto renew box, the option to add monthly data to that plan for the year pops up right there.
Could that be addressed, please?

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Hi @csandefer,

Thanks for your feedback. We are aware this is a process we need to improve and it is on the long-term roadmap for improvements to the Annual Payment offer.

Oops. I realized I said I used the “ask community member for help” option.
That was incorrect. I actually used the “chat” option.

I am sure I am not the only member who would appreciate putting it on the “sooner” rather than “later” list.
I know myself and following up on a multi-step over multiple dates process is unlikely to get done, so I am just choosing to just keep adding as I need and cut cost, not by adding my extra GB to the yearly plan, but by trying to cut back on use, so I don’t need to order any extra time.

Hi @csandefer,

We understand and appreciate the importance of making this improvement, and it’s not as if our engineers are simply sitting on their hands doing nothing, rather than making this change. There is much work for the engineers to do, and it has to be prioritized carefully, according to business needs.

Clearly there is not only a benefit to our members to improve this process, but also to the business, since it impacts the annual commitments made, and because there’s a greater chance a member in your position would not come back to sign up for another year of Annual Payment if the process is so clunky.

I am sure they stay busy. Perhaps when they get around to addressing it at the yearly anniversary, they could do an option for existing customers to go in and change their plans to add data and pay for it one time, when they get the change made, then have it only at yearly anniversary after that. But then, that would probably be a big pain in THEIR behind. :grin:

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