Annual plan reimbursement

If we find ourselves in the situation where we are midway through an annual plan with a CDMA sim phone and need to replace the phone and don’t find the new 5.0 plan/network options to be a good choice can we then port our number to a new provider and request a partial reimbursement for the unused portion of the annual plan?


Hi @dobberrw,

This is not a question that can be answered in Community with a blanket “yes” or “no” response.

The Annual Payment option was presented to all of our members as a non-refundable agreement. As a member, you are agreeing to commit to one year of service. As a service provider, we thank you for that commitment by providing a discount.

We understand that the changes to our legacy plans affect many of our users in different ways. For most people moving to our new plans is an option, since the “Everything you need” plan is very similar in structure to the My Choice plan, so we are willing to credit a 5.0 plan with the remaining balance of the Annual Payment so that members who need to upgrade do not lose any of the value of their Annual Payment.

If, however, there is some reason that the new plan is not a fit for you, we ask that you give us the opportunity to work with you through a Help Ticket to see what we may be able to do to assist you. We will consider each request on a case-by-case basis and we always try to be fair with our members.


Appreciate the reasonable response. I may just need to do this with 1 of our 3 lines and if it goes well I will probably stay with Republic on the other 2. I may be wrong but it seems like the cellular network change alone would be more than enough of a change of terms from when the yearly plan was initiated to justify a pro-rated refund. Thank you.

My initial attempt with a help ticket was denied. I have reopened the ticket for reconsideration. RW should recognize that the new plan/network is a substantial condition of service change that customers did not agree to when initiating annual plans. CDMA sim customers have no option to get a new phone while keeping the service they purchased. It seems clear that partial refunds should be offered.

Hi @dobberrw,

Thanks for pressing your case in the Help Ticket. We’d love to have the opportunity prior to cancellation to understand what it is about the 5.0 plan that’s not a good fit, to see if we can help there.

Your experience makes it clear that I need to send all of our agents some additional clarity on handling such requests, and I now have that on my to-do list.

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Thank you. There isn’t one reason I can really point to as the reason 5.0 won’t work. I have 3 phones and will soon have 4. I plan to keep 2 lines on RW for now under the 5.0 plans and see how it goes.

The plan for my 3rd line is that it will be on a new provider. This line was a CDMA phone on an annual plan. Here are a few of the reasons this line is moving to a new provider:

  • CDMA sim cannot be migrated to new phone while retaining 4.0 plan. Being able to use whatever compatible/supported phone I prefer is an expectation of the annual plan I purchased.
  • 2 line per account limit is an unwelcome change.
  • ATT network was not what I signed up for when I purchased the annual plan.
  • 5.0 plan offering was not what I purchased when I purchased the 4.0 annual plan.
  • Other provider was able to provide a new SIM faster. Still waiting for indication for when the RW sims I ordered will ship and I can’t wait for this line.
  • my 14 yr old using this line is not excited about the new 55+ demographic marketing push