Annual Plan renewal

My annual plan is due for renewal on June 17, 2020.
If I renew today will I lose the 9 days of service, thus my next renewal would be June 8, 2021.
I want my renewal day to remain as June 17.
Thank you - apologize if this is obvious.

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Hi @evl

You can request that your annual plan auto-renew now and have the renewal take effect on June 17. You may request this on any day up to, and including, June 16 and have the annual plan remain in effect.

Renewing or starting the annual plan can only occur on your billing cycle date. It does not take place on the day you request it.

Here is a link to the instructions for turning on auto-renewal:


Thanks so much johnny5 -
Easy pesy - not sure why I didn’t see that auto-renewal check box to begin with - senior citizen thing perhaps.
Looking forward to another year of Republic Service!


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