Anonymity with Republic Wireless


I’m a privacy freak, and I would like RW to not know my identity as a subscriber. I can buy an unlocked RW-listed phone elsewhere, I can use to pay the monthly subscription payments, but how could I take delivery of the necessary SIM card without revealing my name and address?



You could order the needed SIM from Amazon if you wish:

Of course, both Amazon and (which I like a lot and wrote about here: Alternative Payment Methods) would know that which you prefer Republic not know. To a degree, you might use false information.

Lastly, you must still have a Republic account to use Republic’s service. Again, to a degree, I suppose one might use false information but doing so might hamper support communication with staff in the future should that be needed.


Well, that would move me one step away from RW, but then Amazon would know the shipping address of the SIM card - which it could then share with RW (or Interpol). What I need is the equivalent of a “burner”. Maybe I’ll have to go with MetroPCS for the phone and carrier connection and a VoIP provider with an Android software SIP client on the phone for the Wi-Fi/Internet connection. Now if RW had a walk-in retail store, there would be no problem … :sunglasses:


Another option is to have a third-party order a SIM for you then it would not be traceable back to you, there nothing link a SIM to an account on ordering only when it is activated


It’s against RW’s P&Ps to use their service for many nefarious purposes. If you’re just a run of the mill privacy freak RW may not be a perfect fit for you. True burner phones may be a better choice and a bit more expensive. for some folks.


I’ll just use RW for approved nefarious purposes.

MetroPCS offers Wi-Fi calling for phones having the necessary firmware (e.g. Moto E4), but their plans start at $30/mo - which is almost affordable for entry-level Privacy Freaks like me. It’s always a trade-off, isn’t it - privacy vs. cost/convenience?



In the world in which we live, it is literally impossible to stay anonymous. Someone is going to know your address, name, and other details about you. Using a phone at all can breach your privacy. Authorities can track you using triangulation to pinpoint your location. That’s not to mention Google collecting data and the numerous other apps and websites that collect information. Protecting your identity is crucial, but trying to stay totally anonymous is futile.


Buy the Sim from Amazon and have it sent to a fictitious name at your work or even a neighbors address. Nothing traceable back to you. I understand your need to privacy. I myself have 5 fake email addresses & buy stuff online with a loadable Credit Card and a alias name. I have several home addresses I can use too if needed. I buy stuff from China Online stores & like the anonymity of doing so.


Yeah, but then I’d have to kill the neighbor (again).

That sounds neat, but how do you load the credit card without identifying your real self?



You could just turn yourself in. Do the time you’re due, and then get on with your life afterwards, no cloak and dagger necessary.


I’m beginning to get that feeling too. Sounds like RW isn’t a fit, but a burner phone is the answer. Can fingerprints be removed from cash before one spends it? If one doesn;t want to be tracked.


But I’m not due any time and I haven’t done anything wrong. I just want to stay out of as many databases as I can. There is (relative) safety in obscurity. Someday, you may be unfortunate enough to understand that.



RW is attractive by its cost - as it is to everyone else. I seldom need cell phone tower connectivity, but it is handy at times. Most of the time, I have Wi-Fi access to the Internet, so paying a lot for “tower time” doesn’t make financial sense. I just don’t like scattering my usage pattern info willy-nilly for data miners to compile and sell to others. MetroPCS, since it offers “Wi-Fi calling” and anonymity, may be a better fit since I really don’t need the “seamless transition” between cell and Wi-Fi, but MetroPCS also costs a bit more - at least $30/mo. It’s like “Privacy costs money, how private do you want to be?”. I do appreciate the helpful community around RW, though. And I’d just hate to have to kill another neighbor.



With the current government and police policies the more one take extra step to be private the closet they look at you,


Well that was funny,

Bonus points for that. Welcome to RW’s community forum. :relaxed:


I sincerely appreciate the desire to protect one’s privacy as much as the next person. The question often becomes what level of inconvenience and expense one is prepared to deal with in doing so.

It’s true MetroPCS and others offer prepaid cards (purchaseable with cash) that may be used to fund their services. Republic does not offer an equivalent to prepaid cards. If one wants or needs that level of privacy with their mobile phone service provider, perhaps using such a service rather than Republic makes more sense?

Finally, and for what it’s worth, one might argue attempting to hide one’s identity from Republic is a violation of Republic’s Terms and Conditions. Those Terms and Conditions are an agreement one voluntarily enters into as part of provision of service. References to “you” are all over the place in that document. While not expressly stated; it seems reasonable (to me) there’s an implied expectation that Republic know who “you” is.


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