Another phone brand dropping by the wayside

LG has announced they are going out of the mobile phone business, as approved by their board of directors in South Korea earlier today. I see there are 2 2019 LG models on the RW approved list, the K30 and Stylo5.

This is not unexpected. LG has been rumored to wanting to sell its mobile phone business and failing that shut it down. Candidly, despite interest expressed in Community from time to time in brands other than those already supported by Republic, the case can be made Samsung is the only Android brand with significant U.S. market share. Republic’s support for many Motorola phones is logical both based on history and because Motorola offers a strong value proposition at the low end and mid-range. Google’s direct control of the firmware on Pixel’s make them relatively easy to support.

From a market perspective, the phones Republic would want to support are iPhones. Regardless of where one stands on Android vs. iOS, iPhones represent 50% of U.S. smartphone sales.

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Have you ever owned an LG phone, @larc919?

Republic launched with the LG Optimus, and my (then) non-Republic family members used the LG Optimus Slider, and we all really enjoyed those phones.

It was the first LG product I had ever owned, and my experience with that phone enticed me to look into other LG products whenever I’ve needed to replace other household electronics.

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No, @southpaw, never had an LG phone. Only Motorola and Pixel so far. But I am aware of the company’s reputation for quality.

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