Another reason why I despise Apple

Bought my wife a new Samsung and moved her phone from Verizon to Republic. ALL worked great on the number porting except for text messages. I have tried forever to unregister iMessage for her old iPhone and have sat on the Apples support line with 5 different techs and nobody can figure out how to get the SMS messages to work on her Samsung at Republic. Yup I know there are directions for this but they don;t work for me. Apple support said I would have to call in and see if they can help me over the phone instead of chat. Another night wasted for such a stupid thing by Apple.

Did I say I hate Apple–they always make everything so hard.

Hi @brucel.6ij52e,

Depending upon how long ago you moved your wife’s number from Verizon to Republic, this may or may not be an iMessage issue. May we know how long ago her number transferred from Verizon to Republic?

Also, to confirm, you’ve deregistered her number with iMessage as described by Apple here: Have you tried both methods (on the old iPhone itself and via Apple’s website)?

What happens when you send your wife a text message from your Republic phone? I ask because even when she was using her iPhone on Verizon iMessage wouldn’t have been involved. iMessage is only involved when two compatible devices are messaging and your Republic Android isn’t an iMessage compatible device.

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