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We spotted this article today on Microsoft’s news feed from a happy member. Republic is mentioned as a thrifty and efficient way to save as opposed to the wolves at the door to your wallet. Part of the article is quoted below.

Goodbye Apple, hello Republic Wireless

Once upon a time, my husband and I had iPhones. They were fine, except for the fact that we were spending over $100 a month on unlimited data. Then, two years ago, I discovered Republic Wireless, a no-contract cell service that keeps costs low by defaulting to Wi-Fi whenever possible. When there’s no Wi-Fi, it borrows time on other networks. For the low price of $25 a month, I get two GB of data, and since I’m generally at home or at work, this is plenty. The only catch is that we had to switch to Androids, which was an adjustment at first. Some of my apps didn’t work, or weren’t as slick as their iOS versions. Even now, I occasionally deal with dropped calls and spotty service, and my sisters hate the fact that I’ve turned our group texts green.

On the bright side, I used to talk about wanting to spend less time on my phone and treat it as a tool rather than a toy. By adopting a cheaper service that’s just clunky enough, I’ve finally achieved that goal.

[ Well, I live in a major metro area so I’ve never had spotty service. Even in my rural ventures (very seldom) I’ve never had a problem. Yes, Google could do a better job of monitoring clunky apps and jettisoning viral actors, but Google doesn’t get high marks on either of those scores and never will because their Pandora’s box can’t be closed. I have to totally disagree about the clunkiness of the phone service, though. Maybe it had more to do with her particular phone or a clunky WiFi router, or maybe she couldn’t say Republic was perfect because who would believe that until they try it? ]


Nice! Here is the full article for those interested:

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