Answer phone when no icon is showing?

I have a moto 1 5g. Today I tried to answer a call but in the process I touched something and it went to a different screen than the one that shows the icon to answer.
In the future how can I get back to a screen in the phone app that will allow me to answer.

Is there a “panic button” you can use that will allow you to answer a call while working on another app on the phone. I missed my call and it was important, not critical, but I would rather have taken it.

Hi @live.carcass,

Do you have another phone or a patient friend that might allow you to test the scenario? I think if you touch the top of the screen and drag down to see notifications, you’ll see the incoming call options, unless whatever you inadvertently touched actually dismissed the call, in which case it is sent immediately to voicemail with no chance to reclaim it.