Any advice for someone waiting to move a number to Republic?

How about for people like me who purchased phone direct from RW store and will be activating and in the process getting my number from other carrier ported to RW once UPS drops off my stuff (Boost mobile in my case))? Any activation and/or porting issues that I should be aware of?

Status says degraded performance, I see a big yellow box that seems to indicate that downgraded performance apply to old plan members who wish to upgrade to a 5.0 plan, which is NOT my case. Hoping to avoid activation problems if any!! :slight_smile:

You might want to wait. I’ve seen reports of ports from other carriers failing also.


I would definitely wait. I’m in the middle of a delayed port from Mint Mobile to RW 5.0 and am not happy. Just watch these threads (and that yellow box you’ve seen) for updates before pulling the trigger on activation.


@johnl.wq7gti Did your port in from mint to rw finally go through successfully? If so, how long was delay?

@rolandh, I suppose I should wait some more, seeing as status page stiill doesnt look good? Is there a specific time frame in which activation of purchased sim & plan must be done?

You have 45 days from purchase to activate the SIM and plan.


Out of curiosity, why are you moving from Mint? Mint seemed like a good alternative if RW doesn’t work out its issues.

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Yes, the port did finally go through. I think it was something like 4-5 days in all, but that was over a weekend involving a holiday.

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Yes, Mint has great prices, if you’re willing to commit for 1 year (plus they have a free [or very low cost] trial SIM that you can use to test the service before signing up). It’s about the same as two lines on RW 5.0 only you get I think 4 GB/month instead of 1 w/ RW for that price.

We were having problems with our Pixel 4a on Mint. Rather than trying to continue to troubleshoot, I wanted to come back to RW and just see if things would resolve. At the moment, we’re in limbo with MMS over wifi not working, though there are signs that it may be able to once we get clarification.

See this thread for more details there:

We may very well end up back at Mint or another similar MVNO if we can’t get better service back at RW.

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Thanks. I just bought a new phone from RW and then read about all the problems. My current RW phone is having trouble charging and I need to do something soon .

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Hi @andreas, So I purchased phone and plan on 12/16/2021 and got my stuff on 12/27/2021. So 45 days from the day I purchased would be end of January if I read that right?

I now see a “Temporary paused: Number transfers to our 5.0 plans.” Does that affect everyone who wish to port in a number regardless of whether it’s from a non-RW carrier or an internal transfer from pre-5.0 RW to RW 5.0?

I ask, because of all the activation issues that RW is ironing out, to be sure I don’t miss the timeframe of 45 day and perhaps make things more complicated??? .

Yes, my boost mobile phone is currently still working but it’s serviced by the Sprint 3G CDMA that T-mobile will be retiring so decided to retire from boost and come to RW, porting my number from boost. My dad says RW is okay. (But he’s on an older pre-5.0 plan obtained back in 2017), so willing to give RW a chance.

You are correct on the timeline.

However, given the issues so far, I am confident that Republic will provide refunds or extend deadlines for this on a case-by-case basis if you’re not able to meet the deadline due to ongoing issues with porting in numbers.

I think that the hold on transfers is for all transfers, but even if just focused on internal ones, I would still suggest waiting for the issues to be resolved unless it’s very clear that transfers in from other carriers are completing without problems.

What you can do if you wish is to go ahead and activate the SIM with a new number to try out the service. As long as you then cancel that line within 30 days, you will get a refund on the service. Then, if you like the service, you could go ahead and reactivate the phone with a new SIM card and move your number over at that time.

Hi @andreas (and @southpaw as well).

two questions now:

  1. from what I see stated on the other thread (, I guess I have one year’s worth of time to officially get my phone/plan/sim activated and my boost phone number ported over to RW?
    If I read it right now, my understanding means that my option to get a refund would expire at end of January (currently not anticipating needing any refund), but after that date comes and goes, I still have until 12/27/2022 to get my phone, plan and number port-in completed with RW (currently just waiting until current activation issue with the Temporary paused Number transfer to 5.0 listed on status page is resolved among other things with activation before attempting but would like to have it done soon though)?

  2. Account currently says 1/16/2022 as next billing date, which I understand is a placeholder date until activation is officially completed for which then an official date is confirmed as the ongoing date for future billings. What would happen if 1/16/2022 comes and goes and I haven’t activated my phone/sim/plan yet?

I’m not certain of the answer for #2, but my best guess is that it will just change to the next month (southpaw will know :slight_smile: ).

And, I think you’ve got it right in #1. :+1:t2:


@andreas, I see my credit card account has posted a refund of $20.91 from RW dated 1/13/2022 (seems to me to be corresponding to a refund of the prepaid one month that went unused that I had to purchase when I got the phone). I guess normal billing cycle starts when I finally get activation done…

@mc01 Glad to hear that they went ahead and refunded you the charge. :slight_smile: