Any apps that need to be exempted from Doze?


I have a problem with wi-fi going to sleep after about a half hour of inactivity in spite of being set to stay on during phone sleep and wonder if Doze could be responsible. Are there any apps specific to RW calling that should be exempted from Doze in Battery optimization settings?


Which phone? (normally Doze kicks in in an hour)
I have not found that my Moto X Pure makes any difference if the RW App is optimized or not.
You may want to check out Are your calls going to voicemail when your phone is sleeping? it’s long discussion but @billg has summarized and provided a workaround at the top


Thanks for the reply, @jben. My phone is also MXP. I’m not missing any calls, but most are coming in on cell rather than wi-fi (confirmed by phone activity in my RW account). I’m not 100% sure the phone is no longer connected to wi-fi after sleeping for a time, but RW isn’t coming in on it. A number of seconds after I answer a call, the RW wi-fi connection is re-established and the call is handed over to it. I’ll check the thread you cited and see if anything similar is mentioned there.


This is the behaviour I have seen on my phone … When the WiFi goes to sleep (>1 hr idle) a call comes in on cell then in 45 sec it auto transfers over to WiFi. The Macrodroid fix works for me


Thanks, @jben. I’ll try that. Sounds like the best option available for a problem that shouldn’t exist at all.


This problem is not limited to Republic Wireless, I have seen many reports across the various carriers and manufactures. Republic’s hybrid system provides a level of fallback that helps … if they can’t connect via WiFi the call is immediately routed by cell. (and yes it can be a pain if you’re in a poor cell area)


I’m thankful I’m not in a poor cell area, or at least not anymore. When I was on RW 2.0 with Sprint, my cell coverage was weak to non-existent. It’s strong everywhere in my house with 3.0 and GSM.


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