Any chance rw will carry apple phones?

I really would like to see RW carry Apple phones - or at least let us bring our own iPhone. Any chance??

There’s always a chance. Is there a good chance? :man_shrugging:

Republic recently ran a test of iPhones on the network and afterwards decided not to support iPhones. If you had asked me before the DISH announcement I would have said no chance at all.

With the DISH announcement I think there’s a chance that DISH rips out everything that is special about Republic and therefore iPhones become a possibility.

So maybe, be careful what you wish for.

I suspect the system RW eventually becomes a part of will support Apple phones. There’s no way DISH will ignore about half of the potential customers for whatever mix of their 3 MVNOs they come up with.

Maybe, although to this point Boost and Ting have been kept entirely separate with no indication that a single brand is a particular goal.

In fact it’s been stated that the brands will not be combined (but who knows what happens down the road a bit). It looks like the Ting and Republic Wireless divisions will be lead by one VP, while Boost will be lead by another.

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