Any cheap Android One phones acceptable? Nokia 3.1 sells in US


I am on a Refund 2.0 phone, and want the latest version of Android. So I need to buy a new phone. I also want the most rapid security and version updates. So that means Android One.

BestBuy has the Nokia 3.1 Android One phone for sale for $160.

Will it eventually be acceptable as a Republic phone? and if so when?


Republic does not talk about upcoming phones until there ready to announce (this is for both support or not supported phones)

you are free to submit the recommendation here

as of now the only Android One phone Republic supports is the Moto X4 sold by Google Project Fi

as I writing this Republic has not supported any Nokia Phones not say it can never happen but the out look is not that good at this time


Thanks. Is that Moto X4 phone getting the rapid security and version updates promised by Android One claims? I have no clue on the technical side of this. Is Republic able to implement its bonded adaptive coverage and so on with that phone?

What Android version is on the Moto X4 used on Republic?


Republic supports both the “standard” version of the X4 and the Android One version. It has nothing to do with the updates so the versions on both phones are the same as every other X4 out there.

The Android One version is currently on 8.1 and as far as I can tell the June Security patch. It has been getting the patches each month at about the mid to late portion of the month.


Thanks. Where are you getting this info on the Android version number installed on the Android One version of the Moto X4 when used on Republic? And on the patch frequency?

I ask because I am wondering if there is any slowdown due to Republic’s unique features and customization.


Republic does not have anything to do with OS updates on 3.0/4.0 phones, the OEM pushes this with out Republic interference like all other North American Factory Unlock Phones (in the case of the Moto X4 Android One Google is acting as the OEM like it does for the Pixel and Nexus lines)

republic is now only operating in an app and is making no OS level changes for it’s features


Let me say it again. NO Republic phone after the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 or E2 has ANY Republic modifications. Republic has NOTHING to do with the updates, they come straight from the manufacturer. There are NO Republic modifications, none.


Thanks again. As I said, I am clueless on the technical side of cell phones. I hardly use them. Though I am very good with desktop computers, parts, OSs.

From that page you linked to:

Many unlocked phones also have a carrier variant, or carrier-branded version, which has different software. These different carrier versions have separate software lifecycles with separate updates and separate rollout schedules. This is why updates may appear at different times for different versions of the same phone.

So you are saying Republic does its thing through its app, and not the Android updates. Got it. That is good to know. I need to read up on the Moto X4. It is already almost a year old. That means it only has a little over a year left of guaranteed software updates.

That is why I want to go cheap. Iphones get more years of updates. I may go that route, and buy a used iphone. It looks like a used iphone6s and a new Nokia 3.1 both get 2 years of updates.


Just to be clear, neither of those phones will work with Republic. And, just FYI, Android One phones are guaranteed two years of software updates and three years of security patches. Samsung has also recently committed to the same although their updates come MUCH more slowly.


Thanks. So 3 years of security updates for Android One phones. That is a little more hopeful.


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