Any clue to when the motorola one 5G ace will be restocked?

Any clue to when the motorola one 5G ace will be restocked? My moto 4 battery is dying.

I don’t know, but you could order directly from Motorola. They seem to have them in stock:


Hi @purplebears and welcome to the Community!

Information Republic provides to its Community Experts (of which I’m one) suggests it will be mid-October before Republic is able to restock the Motorola One 5G Ace. If it were me, I’d follow @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion.

Is the new phone intended as a replacement for an existing Republic activated phone? If so, would you be willing to share your current phone’s brand, model and generation? I’m trying to determine whether you might be able to move the SIM from your current phone to the new phone.

More detail is linked here:

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I intend to replace my moto x4 w/Republic SIM card with a Motorola One 5G Ace. The uild # on the Moto x4 is PPWS29 69-39-6-4.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t tell us anything about the SIM in your Moto X4. You need to determine whether the SIM in your Moto X4 is GSM or CDMA. Generally, GSM SIMs move from one phone to the next, CDMA SIMs do not. For more on how to make the determination, please see here:

It is a GSM SIM card.

Thanks @purplebears,

If you buy the phone that @cbwahlstrom linked above, directly from Motorola, you’ll be able to move your current SIM card to it.

Thank you for your answers and assistance. I ordered a new phone direct from Motorola today.


My new Motorola One 5G Ace is up and running just fine on the Republic Wireless network. Thanks again for your assistance.

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