Any compatible phones not in the list?

Hello. I don’t suppose there is any possibility that the list of compatible phones is not exhaustive, that there might be some compatible phones not listed? I was intrigued by the cost of this service when I found out about it, but I have hesitated to switch because of the limited selection of phones. Besides the limited number overall (for both new phones and phones compatible for BYOP), almost all the new phones are much more expensive than I was used to paying.

Hi @joshuak.l0ujeo and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid I must confirm your suspicion. The BYOP list is indeed exhaustive. If you don’t mind satisfying my curiosity, would you be willing to share some examples of phones whose acquisition cost you find more attractive?

Every phone I’ve ever had, I purchased used (or reconditioned–same difference). I was appalled at the cost new of smartphones. My issue comes down to: I’ve never owned a smartphone in the first place, and am upgrading from a non-smartphone only because I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into it. My reliable Samsung Flight broke (I dropped it), and I couldn’t replace it with one of my spare non-smartphones, because Tracfone’s “upgraded” network won’t even activate non-smartphones anymore.

Not the kind I use, I should specify. As regards ease of use, there are two levels of non-smartphones I know of. There are the most basic kind, the old flip phones where you have to hold down the buttons to send a text (or something–I’ve never even used them); Tracfone still offers those. And then there are the ones I have: intermediate between those and smartphones. Tracfone apparently wants nothing to do with them.

Right, so you wanted to hear specific models. Besides the Samsung Flight I just broke, I have more than one LG 500G. Useless now. And the smartphone I just very reluctantly purchased from Tracfone last week is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit. The thing inexplicably didn’t work; customer service could never resolve the issue; I have just decided to give up and return it (or ask for a replacement if they will give it).

As this isn’t Android and only 3G, it wouldn’t be something that Republic would be able to consider.

Also not Android and only 3G, so also couldn’t be considered.

I would also note both of the above will quite soon be unable to be activated on any network as the networks sunset 3G.

Unfortunately modified for Tracfone and therefore incompatible. Tracfone sells this for less than the standard J3 because it is both locked to Tracfone and modified by them. Republic is challenged to offer such pricing because all of the phones that are compatible with Republic are factory unlocked and can be used with any carrier from the moment they’re purchased.

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