Any coverage maps

Are there any coverage maps? Not coverage check by zip code. Most places I will travel this summer may or may not have zip codes or ones I want to dig up by google searching. I just want too see a coverage map.

Just in case it is different than the two carriers coverage maps.

Can not seem to find any?

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For example for 86052 coverage check shows no coverage. But both Sprint and TMobile have voice roaming there. Probably data also but only care about voice.

So if I travel there on vacation Grand Canyon north rim will I have voice coverage on Sprint.

Coverage check by zip says no.

Hi @nonymouse,

Maps are linked in this document: Republic Wireless Coverage.

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The CDMA map is comparable to the Sprint map.

The GSM map is poor. Use the T-Mobile map instead.

Coverage Map

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@billg Feb 19, 2017 6:54 PM

The CDMA map is comparable to the Sprint map.

There is no way that is true in my location and the lack of zooming makes the near useless. Think you should know better than suggest what’s good for you is also good for other RW members. The RW maps are bad regardless of network.

Can’t make a map? Create a coverage checker using zip codes?

In addition to the coverage maps, look at .

I’ve found it to be reliable so far in my travels.


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