Any ideas on how my usage would change if i switched to moto g plus on the choice plan?

Do you consume more data with 4g vs 3g?

Hi @jamesm.dlq7tq,

Presuming you don’t change your use habits, there’s no inherent reason one would use more 4G cell data as opposed to 3G cell data. Fair warning, some do find themselves using more 4G cell data because they find doing some things (streaming for example) to be more practical and/or enjoyable on 4G.

I fully agree with @rolandh there no reason data use would change but one does need to make sure any streaming or downloads you do now may come at a higher bit-rate unless you manually force them down as most do limit the rate base on connection and 4G has a better connection (you-tube for example i use to only get 240 p or 144 p on 3G but can get 1080 p on 4G unless I set it up for 240 p in the setting)

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