Any new info on Moto E4 getting approved for CDMA coverage soon?


I’ve got an E4 and am dealing with the spotty GSM coverage in my area but am hoping waiting for progress towards CDMA coverage on the device- originally postulated to be available by the end of the year. Is that still the target or has it been pushed back or taken off the table?

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Hi @karlih.bzyk9h,

Since we’re dependent upon technical developments from outside sources as well as our own engineers, I’m very shy to try to name a specific date and promise delivery. It has definitely not been taken off the table, and we’re eager to get the new SIM cards available.

We don’t want you suffering with spotty coverage, though. If you haven’t already done so, would you mind opening a support ticket and let our team see if there is something we can do to improve your coverage situation?


Hi @southpaw,
This info seems different than your announcement back in January 17. Which was different than the info when the plans were redone a few years ago. Both promising dual network support.
I’ve opened tickets, only to find out, yes, sorry, our coverage checker must be wrong for Central Va.
I’m sure you guys know, but, I want to reiterate, it is very important for RW to support CDMA on the newer phones. Our MotoX 2nd gen RW CDMA phones are getting long in the tooth. If we want a new phone, and need CDMA, RW seems not to be an option.
Just doesn’t make sense that you support CDMA on the older RW phones and not on any of the new phones.


Hi @markc.ly6nly,

First, let me clarify (so others do not misunderstand) that we’ve never promised “dual network” support where one phone would be capable of switching between carrier partners.

Sorry for any confusion as to CDMA support. We’ve been supporting CDMA for quite a while now, however, recently our carrier partner has updated their technological standards and the CDMA SIM cards we’ve been using for our Moto G4, G4+, G4 Play, G5+, X Pure, Moto Z, Samsung S7, S7 Edge, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Google Pixel (1) and Pixel (1) XL (did I miss anyone?) can not be used on the newer CDMA-capable phones.

Some of the phones we sell (or have sold) are simply not CDMA-compatible. For example:

  • Huawei Ascend
  • Moto Z
  • Moto Z Play
  • Samsung Galaxy J3

have only the hardware for GSM compatibility.

Our philosophy and stance toward offering CDMA-compatible phones and coverage options for each member based on the better coverage provided by our carrier partners has not changed. We are working to get the new SIM cards engineered, produced, delivered, and available to pair with our phones. We are eager to offer the option of our CDMA-compatible phones on CDMA carrier partner’s network.


I’d RW doesn’t allow new phones on CDMA soon, I will have to jump ship, after three years… I only have CDMA coverage at my home.
They have been promising dual network support for years now…


Here is a list of CDMA compatible phones.


RW sells CDMA compatible phones, but they will not activate new phones on CDMA… I’ve been around and around with RW on this topic. They only say… It’s coming soon…


I have a Moto X Pure (not a brand new phone but a 3.0 phone nonetheless) on CDMA right now. Republic does indeed provision newish phones directly purchase on the list referenced by @williamo.vkbg0s on CDMA where that’s the better coverage choice.

Bring your own phones are provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner. If that coverage proves inadequate compatible phones may be moved from GSM to CDMA where appropriate via a help ticket


Hi again, @markc.ly6nly,

I’ve moved other posts of yours into a single thread so that we aren’t trying to have the same conversation in a bunch of different places. Let’s focus the conversation in one spot and see if we can understand one another more clearly.


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