Any New Phones Coming Out Soon?



I see that there seems to be a more-limited choice of phones to shop as I refer a friend to switch over to RW from Verizon. Is there any information about when there will be more new phone choices available?


Number of new phones in the RW store may seem somewhat limited for some. Here’s a complete list of the RW compatible phones. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help The BYOP phones can be purchased elsewhere and require the puchase of a RW SIM card to activate. If none of will work for your friend RW does continue to add newer phones to the store and BYOP list.



to paraphrase the clairol commercial only RW knows for sure


“If this all sounds great to you, but you’re still not psyched to jump to a carrier without the iPhone, Chuang has some good news for you: On the podcast he reveals Republic Wireless will offer an iPhone in 2018. He just didn’t say which one.”

I have no idea when in 2018 this will happen.