Any New Plans In the Immediate Future?

I’m about to jump ship because a big carrier is offering a better deal for the money… $15 for unlimited T&T and 2.5gigs of data a month which increases every year by 500megs. It makes no sense because the independents were always able to undercut the big providers. What happened?

My cordless home phone system connects to cell phones so I won’t need HomeConnect… which was always too quirky. But before I go… are there any new Republic plans in the immediate future that can tempt me to stay?


Republic was recently acquired by DISH. I fully expect that there will be changes. If I was a betting man I’d say lower prices on data and likely the addition of an unlimited plan. That said there’s no guarantee and Republic doesn’t keep information to itself just waiting for someone to ask. If and when there’s new information on plans, they’ll announce it loudly and publicly.

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Thanks… and yet weren’t plans sometimes pretested as beta? Or am I thinking of something else… like features?

What seems to be clear is the competition for the low data user has really heated up… between cable companies offering plans… and TMobile getting really aggressive. One wonders how Republic can be competitive in this new market.

Surveys have gone around asking about different plan structures, and there was a beta when Republic launched, but that was the service, but pricing structures haven’t been tested in a beta.

Now that Republic is owned by the same people that own Ting, Boost, are building a greenfield 5G network and have over $16b in annual revenue, I wouldn’t count them out.

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I guess the real question is why can’t an independent still remain cheaper than the big guys… unless the big guys are pulling their cheaper rates and trying to grab that market for themselves? And R’s claim to fame was keeping prices down with WiFi calling. So that edge is disappearing.

So if the big guys are pulling their deals with independents… then Dish’s money may not be of much help since they don’t have that new network built yet. Oh well…

Like others, I’ve been watching other providers for better pricing. However there are other factors that are keeping me with Republic. One is the outstanding customer service we get in this Community. Republic is consistently ahead of its competitors in helping its customers (members) in this regard. Another feature that’s very important to me is the integration of WiFi calling. The GSM signal at my FL residence is so poor that without WiFi, I’d have to go outdoors to make a phone call. (CDMA is not much better.) I know that other carriers offer WiFi calling on some phones, but it is seldom promoted, and I suspect that it doesn’t work as well as Republic’s feature.


I’m thinking we won’t see any changes in Republic’s offerings before the acquisition by DISH is finalized. What would be their advantage in coming up with new plans while they are waiting for the company to be transferred to new ownership? There’s no guarantee anything they could do now would survive past the changeover.

Everybody’s situation is different. My wife likes having a “land line” but I don’t like paying for it. I’ve thought about a home phone like yours but that wouldn’t work when I’m out with my phone and my wife is at home. Even when I am home, I like that I can be talking to someone and another call can come in for my wife and she can pick it up. These calls are from people who still have our old land line number which is now my cell number.

That said, I agree that change are needed at Republic. I’m willing to wait a while.

That ship has sailed.

True, however, I think @larc919’s has a point. Based on Ting’s mobile’s path, we won’t see plan (or other) changes until such time as DISH is prepared to fully acknowledge the ship has sailed.

As I recall, Ting & DISH sent a welcome E-mail to Ting customers after the deal closed, a month or two before plan changes were announced. I did notice that Ting has started to curtail adding new customers on their Verizon SIM. You used to be able to get one for the asking. Now they won’t send one if you’re in T-Mobile territory.

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My ATT cordless home phone system works off BluTooth so if the cell phone is nearby the calls are routed to the cordless system… otherwise calls would just go to the cell phone. I like Home Connect so I could shut the cell phone off at night… but then HC doesn’t block spam calls I blocked on the cell phone… so it was pain… and then there’s the issue of calls going to both the cell AND home system even when I’m miles away. So I won’t miss HC even if I paid $50 for it.

What’s an issue to you is actually one of the primary features for many of the users.


So I’ve heard… but it drives me nuts. I was away getting calls for my birthday and one call came in when I was talking to another friend. And it disappeared. I found the message on the home system when I got back. When I bought HC I just assumed when out of WiFi range of router… calls would automatically just go cellular… but they take both tracks… that and WiFi. Then there’s the lack of spam control… it’s one of the reasons I put off getting a new cell phone. I wanted to keep my home phone… but I knew the spam calls would follow. I’d put off the purchase until I heard the FCC was cracking down last year. So now the cell blocks some… but they all go through to the HC.

That’s literally the opposite of the idea of the product. In that case you could just get a bluetooth handset.

Let’s be clear, the Republic Spam filtering works on the Extend Home just as it does on your cell. What doesn’t work is the spam filtering from the phone itself. Also neither does Gmail or Chrome. I’m not sure why there would be an expectation that something on your phone would run on the Extend Home box.

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" Let’s be clear, the Republic Spam filtering works on the Extend Home just as it does on your cell. What doesn’t work is the spam filtering from the phone itself."

Sorry… we’re not talking about spam numbers previously blocked by my cell… calling again and getting through. These are NEW spam numbers. My cell blocks them… HC does not.

What I WOULD expect is that any numbers whatever anti-spam system is being used would work on BOTH the cell and HC. If I switch over to a cell phone blu-tooth cordless home system the home system will operate off the system’s block list as well as my cell phone’s block list.

Yes, your CELL blocks them. Google Phone has its own spam blocking. That obviously doesn’t run on the Extend Home. Samsung Phone has blocking from Hiya. That obviously does not run on Extend Home.

Which they do, if it is the Republic anti-spam system and not the one provided by a 3rd party on your phone.

Hi @robbs

Except Extend Home doesn’t work like a Bluetooth-linked handset. The latter relies on the phone, which must be connected by Bluetooth, as the source of the call, so only calls that earn the right to ring the cell phone would also ring the Bluetooth handset.

Extend Home doesn’t rely on the cell phone. If the cell phone is broken, turned off, or a bajillion miles away, the Extend Home phone is still going to ring. Calls are being routed to Extend home from our servers, and those servers do not access your cell phone to make sure it’s ringing before routing the call to Extend Home.

Our spam-blocking technology that includes blocking calls from going to voicemail will block calls from Extend home, because with that level of blocking, information has to be passed from our app to our servers, in order to block access to voicemail. Other options (no matter whether they are in our app or a third-party app) that prevent only the cell phone from ringing will not prevent Extend Home from ringing.


How many other carriers will not raise your rate?

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Given how data rates have plummeted… the real question is why aren’t we constantly getting more for our money?

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