Any news on potential Samsung Galaxy S9 support?


Just wondering if anyone knows if the new S9 will be compatible with RW. I’m assuming it will be, because all the previous models are, but will I have to wait a while for compatibility?

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Republic does not comment which future phones will or will not be supported until both the OEM and Republic are ready announce it

I will note that both the Samsung Galaxy 7 and 8 line took awhile after their release before Samsung released a North American Factory unlock version that Republic used

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The easiest way to keep track of New Phone Announcements is to:
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Select the image on the far right near the top and then select


I hope that it’ll be supported sooner rather than later. My Moto G1 is getting long in the tooth and it completely refuses to connect to Wi-Fi even after a factory reset. Plus, it’s not a great phone for graphics programming in this day and age. I, for one, could really use an upgrade.

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