Any plans to add mobile wifi through OBD2 port on car?


AT&T offers ZTE Mobely and Verizon use Zubie I believe. I also thin T-Mobile has Sync Up. These devices plug into the OBD2 port on your car and provide wifi internet access.
As Republic uses the T-Mobile network, are there any plans to add this type of functionality? I would think it would add value to RW as one would be using wifi more frequently, no?


Hi @seanw.ljq7kt,

I would highly doubt it. It’s true the devices you reference create a local WiFi network that devices in and around a vehicle could use for Internet access. That WiFi Internet connection is, however, fed by cell data. These devices do the same thing as one’s phone when it is being used as a mobile hotspot. They use a cell data connection, then effectively rebroadcast that connection to other devices using WiFi. In this scenario WiFi isn’t replacing cell, it’s being powered by it.


Thank you for the quick reply rolandh. I just dug a little deeper and found the same thing you called out. This would add no value, for me at least. I appreciate the reply.


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