Any plans to offer a diff data plan beyond 5$ per G?

Hi, I’ve been with Republic since 2014 and have loved the service… no complaints at all. However, I’ll soon be needing data and have noticed a few competitors that offer unlimited for just a few $ more than what I’m paying at RW. I’d love to stay with RW. Any plans to offer a competitive data plan in the future?

Ok… LOL. I guess i have my answer.

Hi @jkm.01vfz7,

I’m sorry no one replied!
It’s not our practice to keep quiet about our future plans unless someone just happens to ask. If we did have some great new pricing structure in the works, we would not be able to talk about it until everything was in place, all the engineering, all the marketing, all the support protocols, all the app updates, all the staff training, all the press releases. I don’t say that to suggest we have something in the works, only to explain why we wouldn’t be able to talk to you about anything that could be. We’re always aware that our members want the best deal possible, and we watch for opportunities to bring our prices down. But we also hope our members will consider the value we provide beyond a price per GB.

We offer affordable service with no surprise fees, the flexibility of month-to-month service without long-term contract requirements, features other providers can’t offer, like Extend Home and spam call blocking, and for additional savings, we offer twelve months of service for the price of 10 with our non-refundable annual payment option.

We appreciate the time you’ve been with us and that you’ve been satisfied so far. We’re sorry to see that our plans may no longer fit your needs.

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