Any Privacy/deGoogled Phones supported? (CalyxOS, GrapheneOS, LineageOS etc...)

Not as concerned as to which physical phone, but key requirement I am looking for is if any of the deGoogled phones work with RepublicWireless?


Hi @markr.oas1f7,

This is a question we see from time to time. I’m afraid you won’t like the answer as it is no.

Republic supports the manufacturer’s factory unlocked firmware for compatible phones. Additionally, Republic distributes its required mobile app solely though Google’s Play Store.

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Thanks for the prompt answer!
Not that unexpected, but had to ask to confirm…
Been a LONG time RW user (since near the beginning)

Is there any plan/possibility to support in the future?

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There are some major changes coming to Republic in December: Get ready for an improved Republic Wireless

At this point there’s no saying what phones and what flavors / OS variations will be supported once that happens.

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