Any second thoughts about your new phone?

Hi @Moto_G_2021_Beta early adopters,

You’re a pretty quiet group! Most of you have been using your phones a week or two. What are your thoughts at this point? Would you want to keep using your phone on the Republic Wireless network?


My Moto G Stylus 2021 has been working great. Phone calls and texting have been fine. Still LOVING how big it is. I would definitely want to keep using it. It’s been fun. Definitely an improvement over the last 3 phones I’ve been using.

I like that I can use the macro camera to focus on small things, like the engraved :snake: head on this pen nib.


Hi, still finding some quirks with the phone. It’s difficult to know whether some of my issues are with wifi or the phone itself. Still having some calls very delayed when calling out. Three yesterday were delayed.
Also, On two calls the people on the other end of the call commented there was crackling noise on the line which I didn’t hear.

The other thing that is happening is I’m unable to pick up some inbound calls. Three occasions today I tried to swipe up to answer and it just kept ringing, eventually ended up going to voicemail. That was an issue also with my previous phone.

Lastly, I’ve been having issues with links opening. I’ve had a number of websites that show links to get to forms or other pages, but the pages don’t open at all. One form I filled out I was unable to correct a typo because it wouldn’t erase. Yet, other links open fine, so all these issues are intermittent. I’ve checked some of these same sites on my desktop and the links all open without any issues.

My concern is that I just don’t have the settings correct, or I just need to learn more about this phone because I’m doing something wrong. Although not being able to answer a phone call or open links are the most frustrating.

Any thoughts?

HI @kathleend.0nso4o

I recommend you boot the phone into Safe Mode to see if this is being caused by an ill-behaved app. Especially the inability to answer a phone call.

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I’ve enjoyed being a beta tester for the Moto G Play 2021. The phone performs well for a lower-cost phone. I have not seen any problems. Coverage is what I expect for GSM in my area.

I think this phone will be a great replacement for the more bargain-focused Republic members who now need to get a new phone.


No problems. 1 improvement is that when I’m in my car, Subaru, the phone connects to the car speakers every time. My Moto 6 had stopped connecting to the car automatically a few updates ago


@kathleend.0nso4o did you install a screen protector?

No, I haven’t because I haven’t found one that fits this phone yet.

Moto Power (2021)

‘Everything’ is working great. Still adjusting some app/system settings as this Android version is several versions ahead from what I had before and has more granularity.

But, the main thing is the battery!!! I am going 4 days between charges! Sweet.

Also, the phone has slipped out of pocket several times about 3’ down to concrete. No damage. A Bump (corner) case is on my 3D design/print list :slight_smile:

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Re: Screen protectors - here’s what I found:

Power (2021)

Stylus (2021)


I saw the announcement, so I’m delighted to see that I will be able to continue using my phone with RW!

The phone (Moto G Power) has been amazing. For the week+ that I’ve had it, the battery has never fallen below 75%, even with pretty heavy use. I believe the three-day battery claim. (Its standby power consumption is most impressive to me. I can leave it alone for several hours and it might go down by a single percentage point.)

I haven’t played around with the camera a ton, but it’s been satisfactory. Once I was looking for the macro option and couldn’t find it before I lost the shot, but that’s not a big deal.

This phone feels like it strikes the absolute perfect balance between price point and capability.


The reason I am quiet is that I haven’t had any issues. Everything is working fine :slight_smile:


Moto One 5g Ace
Previously Moto x4

So far the phone has been great. It’s snappy and fast and I haven’t had any issues.

  • Calls and text have be great and clear with no issues.

  • Data has been 5g in my area, everywhere I’ve been. The speed is noticably fast.

  • Apps run smoothly and great. Thanks to the good 750g processor and 6 gb of RAM and 128 gb internal memory.

  • The loud speaker is great improvement over the X4. The loud speaker on the X4 was weak.

  • Battery life is great. I’ve been going 3 days between charges. I’m not a heavy or light user. It’s definitely impressive.

  • Haven’t had much time to play with all the cameras, so I can review that here. I did test the macro mode on my jeans. It was nice the detail you could get.

My X4 was always near it’s ram limit of 3 gb and near it’s internal memory limit of 32 gb with few apps installed. Which possibly what was hindering it.

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