Any small phone love?

A phone similar to the iPhone SE in specs but Android and supported by RW would be great.

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when you find a North American Factoery unlock android phone running at least android 6.0 please suggest this here

to my knowledge the only phone that meets this is the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact (which in the US is GSM only (and the finger print reader is disabled)
so far no Sony phone has been add to the approve list (Don’t know if this is due to a conflict between the Republic app and the Sony Skin or if there just no real demand for this phone)

That’s probably this closest one to the se but its more expensive and leaves out a couple of important features.

Then I don’t think the phone you want exist, the simple truth the OEMs have drop smaller sized phones (due to lack of sales or market research)
In most small screen list are in the 5”-5.2” space
Sony looks to be the only one making a small screen android and it is not selling many of them (compared to other Android OEMs)
The SE is a few years old now and rumors are it will get a refresh soon and will be in the form factor of the IPhone 7 or 8

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I have the 1st gen Moto X and when it dies (such as from Wifi not turning on syndrome which another friend’s recently did) I will be interested in a phone that I can operate with one hand…this is all about width. It’s unfortunate that after the 1st gen every Moto everything has only gotten bigger. The 1st gen Moto X is 2.57", and only the Sony Xperia Compact XZ1 at 2.52 can compete with that in the Android world, having done a lot of googling lately on the subject. It’s pricey, high end, super fast, and I wish somebody would produce a more affordable small phone (Motorola / Lenovo??)


Have you been to a brick & mortar store to try some of the newer compatible phones in you hands. There are several in the 2.75" range. This chart list’s the compatible phone dimensions. Detailed Supported Phone Features Good luck when the time comes for a new phone.


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The Moto e1 and e2 are to me the ideal size for a phone. I think a phone that size with better specs would sell well.

The Sony compact might do better if it was offered by carriers.

The nokia 3310 is back an is gsm

Yes the Nokia 3310 is on the market, but it will not work on Republic as it is not running Android [Its also not a smartphone]

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Here’s another vote for a smaller phone. My Moto is so big I just don’t carry it around.

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Any updates to the small phone options in 2018? I would rather not carry a man-purse everywhere for my phone. We need phones that fit in a pocket!

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my e4 is too big at 5" need two hands to text.

Have you tried it might help.

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My Pixel 2 fits in my pocket. When I was testing the E4 and G6 they even fit in my pocket. Have you tried the larger phones in your pocket, you may be surprised.

i thought maybe i could try different keyboards… thanks for the link i’ll look into it.

Personally I am not interested in a software solution. I straight-out-simple want a smaller phone. I don’t care if the big ones fit in the pocket. A smaller phone will be always be more comfortable and easier to deal with when in pockets.


While that is true @vorpid, once you get use to the larger phone, in my experience, it’s a lot harder to go back to a smaller phone.

JMHO. :relaxed:

@c1tobor. Well thankfully that is just your opinion. lol. Otherwise one of us would be wrong. hahaha. I’ve tried larger phones. And I do not like them. Other people like them and other people acclimate to them and then can’t go back like you said. I however am the odd man out and can’t go bigger.


Had the Moto G and G5. If a smaller phone had all the same features, I’d go back in a minute! I personally like a phone I can keep in my shirt pocket. Back pocket puts too much stress on those big glass screens, and front pocket is close to… Important things.

I’ve been watching the project fi offerings. Their high end offering is the pixel 2 in “normal” and “XL” (extra large) variants. Through most of this year they have had various incentives to buy the XL, currently at the same price as the regular. No specials in that time on the regular pixel 2.

That tells me that people are not willing to spend more for the larger screen, despite the marketers and in-pocket media telling us we want it.

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