Any updates for Samsung Messages app?

The official thread for discussing the Samsung Messages app is archived.

Compatibility with the Samsung Messages App

RW told us in that thread that they were working with Samsung to solve the issue of not being able to use Messages app without having problems. With the Android 7.1 nougat becoming available soon, I would think if some collaboration (and progress?) between RW and Samsung was happening, this would be the best time.

Hi @jeffm.n2eewc,

We have no update at this time, but will post to our Republic Help Updates anytime we do.

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In the new forums, where is the Republic Help Updates to see if this has been resolved? Still watching this issue and I am hoping this will be taken care of soon.

You should see that type of updates in this section on the new forums


Okay so no new announcements in the last year about the Samsung Messages app.

The FAQ associated with the post that kicked all of this off said:

Why can’t I use Samsung Messages?

The Samsung Messages app sends messages from your alternate number, which is a number that we use internally to route your calls and texts, and is different from your Republic Wireless number. We’re currently working with Samsung to integrate the Samsung Messages app with Republic Wireless as soon as possible."

The key term is “we are currently working with Samsung…”. Is that still happening? Did it stop because it wasn’t possible? Did it never happen and was just said that it was to keep people at bay until forgotten? If the original announcement said “it won’t work and it never will, so don’t bother us about it”, this would be a dead issue in my mind. But you said you were working with Samsung to integrate, I am expecting that there is some update that you have found a fix to the problem or you gave up and don’t intend to fix it.

If there is no intention to fix the issue, then update your republic wireless app to allow a checkbox to permanently disable the warning that shows up whenever Samsung Messages is selected and that we are doing so at our own risk. At that point it will become the users problem if they decide to continue to try to use it.

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I’m upset that Republic dosent support the Samsung galaxy s8 messaging app

it’s nor Republic doesn’t support the Samsung messaging app, it’s Samsung messaging app doesn’t support the System APIs’ that Republic needs as a Hybrid VOIP/cell provider (the standard API did not allow for texts over IP)

Regardless of the reason, rw said they were working with Samsung. What is the result of that after all this time?

I don’t know what the status unless someone from Republic and/or Samsung gives a status of this (I just another customer like yourself)

I do know it will take Samsung to modify their app to make it compatible with System API (Most third party texting apps have all ready done this)

Samsung hasn’t made their app compatible with the System method of sending MMS in 3 versions of Android now. I’m not sure why. They’ve apparently decided it’s not important and I’m sorry to say that I highly doubt a “small fish” like Republic is going to get them off their duffs to update to a 3 year old standard they’ve chosen not to support.

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